The artisans that form Iberica’s collection were individually chosen to represent each of their specific trades based on both the quality and nature of their products.

We've done the work of finding real artisans for you



Gradirripas was founded in 1885 by the same family that still proudly manages it today. For five generations, the company has established itself as a leader in quality wood craftsmanship. And whilst maintaining a family business for 130 years is in itself an impressive feat, it is its fine craftsmanship which the Violante family is most proud.

Gradirripas prides itself on having always done what many new companies are starting to do: learning to incorporate age-old, traditional concepts for their 21st century business models. For example, Gradirripas employs local artisans and utilises local materials. This not only boosts the economy in the small village of Pernes in central Portugal where they are based, but also reduces its environmental footprint. This small company is big on sustainability. 

Artesanato Valentim

Artesanato Valentim are a family of three generational shoemakers who have been hand crafting leather shoes since 1855. Artesanato Valentim specialising in hand producing leather accessories including footwear and fashion accessories. They still use an antique sewing machine that has been used by the family for over 100 years and it is still going strong!

With the introduction of new ‘Valentim’ family blood into the business, Artesanato Valentim with every new collection seem to embrace and delivery footwear that is fashionable, comfortable and hard wearing. At the same time, they hold a close regard for traditions in shoe manufacturing that have sustained this family in business for over a century.

We love Artesanato Valentim’s arrangement of colour, materials and craftsmanship and know you will love them too!


Lusian Coppers

Lusian Coppers are true copperware masters with generations of experience behind their products. Specialists in copper kitchenware, the company prides itself on still utilizing traditional manufacturing techniques to make many of its items. The skill that goes into making these has been passed on from generation to generation, mounting back from the early days of cataplana usage. Iberica is proud to showcase Lusian Coppers’ cataplanas: copper pressure cookers that are an iconic part of Algarve’s cuisine. The Algarve, continental Portugal’s southernmost region, delights visitors from far and wide with its delicious, fresh seafood.


Artidar is a small company whose name (which sounds like “art and give” in Portuguese) happens to be the core of its mission: the art of giving. And what better gift than this timeless artistry in a form you can enjoy every day? 

Artidar’s handbags all feature authentic azulejo tiles as their primary subject. When you put on an Artidar handbag, you’re wearing a historical piece of Portuguese art. And there’s a style to suit every taste: from bold prints to ornate drawings illustrating classical scenes, all taken from original hand-painted murals.

Artidar and Iberica both aspire to share azulejo tiles with the world. Printing these tiles on fabric is a fashionable way of preserving these tiles and showcasing some of the prettiest examples. These accessories genuinely combine art and fashion. And as Andy Warhol once said, “Fashion is more art than art is”.  



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