"Moroccan Blue" CollectionButter dish with Moroccan Blue motif

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Butter dish with Moroccan Blue motif

The Moroccan Blue collection is a favourite collection with Iberica fans old and new. This hand crafted, hand painted terracotta collection originates from one of Portugal’s finest pottery regions in the Alentejo. A visit to this beautiful Portuguese province will introduce any visitor to the exceptional talent and artistry for which this region is undoubtedly famous. In particular, the Alentejo region is one of the best areas for handmade ceramics, hand painted terracotta pottery and serving ware and has a reputation for producing some of the best, most colourful ceramics in Portugal.

The traditional pottery and terracotta ceramic industry in Portugal is largely made up of family operated and small independent artisan potteries each with their own distinctive style of design and team of artists. Our selection of terracotta ceramics and pottery comes from the established Ramalho family near Evora who have been making terracotta ceramics for decades.

The Moroccan Blue collection is a terracotta clay based decorative tableware collection ideal for serving tapas, mezzes or petisco (which is the Portuguese term for tapas style dining). Each piece of ceramic is individually hand painted with a deep moroccan inspired azurian motif including cobalt blue. The individual pieces are glazed to finish producing a beautiful lustre to each piece. The versatile Moroccan Blue collection is available in the following decorative tableware pieces and is perfect for serving your favourite colourful dishes:

  • dishes
  • bowls
  • sangria jugs
  • wine jugs
  • plates
  • platters
  • salt cellars


  • Hand painted design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Weight: 450 grams
  • Made in Portugal


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Weight 530 g
Dimensions 245 × 150 × 40 mm