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The copper or stainless steel cataplana is an effective cooking device ideal for preserving moisture and flavours. Cooking is rapid (20 – 30 mins for most fish or seafood combinations). Intense aromas and flavours are preserved until the cataplana is served and opened. Our Cataplanas are authentic and hand hammered in Portugal using traditional methods. We ship all over Australia as well as globally from Portugal.

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Copper Hand Hammered Cataplanas

Cataplanas are an essential cooking pan made in Portugal ideal for seafood and fish dishes. Intense aromas and flavours are preserved until the cataplana is served and opened. Brought to Portugal by the Moors with North African origins, this versatile copper pan allows it’s contents to retain moisture.
This is a practical cooking technique that suits seafood, fish & chicken in particular as these foods are prone to over-cooking as well as losing moisture when cooked on the stove or in the oven. The cataplana can ensure that dishes maintain excellent flavour. In addition to this, the cataplana much like the chinese wok can provide a healthy cooking alternative to traditional methods of pan frying. We recommend using stock or wine variations
to complement any liquid base placed in the cataplana prior to sealing.

For Cataplana recipes check our blog: ‘The Cataplana Experience’

The traditional copper hammered cataplana with the flat bottom can also be used by new electric stoves. For induction stoves, there is a diffuser plate insert that can be used to for cataplana cooking. Please contact us for more information on using cataplanas with induction stoves. We also have stainless steel cataplanas available in two sizes: 32cm and 36cm sizes.

The cataplana has been receiving global attention from world renowned chefs. We sell the traditional Copper Hammered cataplanas with the flat bottom which are especially suitable for use on a conventional gas hob. Our cataplanas are made from high quality copper with a tin plated interior.

We recommend the following Cataplana sizes/servings:

  • 24cm (2 to 3 persons) – Dimensions: 250mm (W) x 155mm (H) x 245 (D) – Weight 600grams
  • 27cm (3 to 4 persons) – Dimensions: 285mm (W) x 170mm (H) x 275mm (D) – Weight 800grams
  • 30cm (5 to 6 persons) –  Dimensions: 320mm (W) x 185mm (H) x 305mm (D) – Weight 1000grams
  • 33cm (6 to 8 persons) –  Dimensions: 355mm (W) x 205mm (H) x 335mm (D) – Weight 1200grams

***NEW IN 2018***

Custom gourmet cataplanas are now available in the following sizes:

  • 45cm (13 to 15 persons)
  • 60cm (23 to 25 persons)
  • 70cm (29 to 31 persons)
  • 86cm (more than 40 persons)

Gourmet copper cataplanas are custom manufactured and totally handcrafted and hand hammered by experienced artisans. Due to the size and weight of these items, orders are only placed upon full payment being received. Orders may take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive upon completion of the order. Gourmet cataplanas can be ordered by contacting Iberica on 0405 162257.


  • Hand Hammered
  • Material: Copper Exterior
  • Interior finish: Tin plated
  • Made in Portugal

Additional information

Weight 2950 g
Dimensions 340 × 510 × 330 mm

24cm, 27cm, 30cm, 33cm

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