FruitsTidbit Plates and PlattersLong Serving Platter 38cm with Fruits

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Long serving platter with Fruits motif

This long serving platter with Fruits motif is a beautiful hand painted terracotta serving platter, practical for introducing a selection of dishes to any dinner table.

The Fruits collection is an engaging selection of terracotta decorative table pieces suitable for any dinner table. Abundant with beautiful depictions of European fruits, these amazing hand painted pieces have a fascinating narrative. Each piece transports you to an amazing place, Portugal to be exact. Each piece will delight and inspire. Try serving your breakfast jams in one of small bowl variations, wonderful combination options for serving fruit platters and medley dishes.


  • Hand painted
  • Made in Portugal
  • Material: Terracotta Clay
  • Dimensions: 38×15.5x5cm
  • Weight: 920grams


Additional information

Weight 920 g
Dimensions 25 × 380 × 155 mm