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Portuguese Good Luck Rooster

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Portuguese Good Luck Rooster 

Beautifully hand-painted on clay in traditional vibrant colours. These are traditional good luck hand-painted roosters from the famed Portuguese town of Barcelos in the North of Portugal. These are the unofficial symbol of Portugal and are regarded as great good luck omens.

These popular figurines are quirky, colourful, and uniquely perfect housewarming gifts!

There’s a medieval legend behind the roosters: "At a banquet given by a rich landowner in Barcelos, a valuable piece of silver was stolen and one of guests was accused of the theft. He was tried by the court and was found guilty. In spite of the overwhelming evidence against him he still protested his innocence. The magistrate granted the man a final chance to prove his case. Seeing a rooster in a basket nearby he said, “If I am innocent, the rooster will crow.” The rooster crowed and the prisoner was allowed to go free."

For this reason it is believed that the Rooster brings good-luck to its owner.  The Rooster of Barcelos (Galo de Barcelos) is one the major symbols of Portuguese culture and is well received as house-warming gifts.

These Portuguese traditional good luck roosters are hand-painted with vibrant colours on local clay and are available in several sizes.  Sizes range from 15 - 30cm.  Other sizes and uni-colored roosters are also available, upon request.

Made in Barcelos, Portugal

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